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The gallery of a Killer Porcupine... Or Assassin Porcupine, I think that's the same thing U_u



The Steps To The Mystical Garden by Estruda
by Estruda

An interesting picture that impressed me. A stairway is a common element in many photos, as in the simbolism staircases represent ascen...

::GIFT:: The cat and the fox by mARTz-9o

Well now, this is a greatly interesting picture. The Fox and the Cat, clearly inspired by the well-known duo from Collodi's novel for c...

PC: Blaze the Mercat by Neyla-The-Lioness

The best illustration of Blaze the Mercat I have ever seen until now. I already saw several pictures similar to this one, thus this is ...

.:AT/CE:. At the Clock Tower by KaoMaou
by KaoMaou

This is a very interesting and charming picture. What struck me is the incredible resemblance with the well-known scene of Kingdom Hear...



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Racun the Sea Wasp by Lynus-the-Porcupine
Racun the Sea Wasp
Вот мое последнее создание, Морская Оса Ракун, самый опасный наёмник и убийца в Доунунде. Как вы можете видеть, я выбрал самое токсичное и смертоносное животное мира, частое в морях к северу Австралии (это объясняет, почему у него австралийский акцент) и в морях Индонезии (“racun значит "яд" по-индонезийски), Малайзии и Филиппин, потому что я думал это было то, что надо чтобы создать убийцу внушающего страх, как Дезстроук, Дэдшот или Дэдпул. 
Кроме того, насчёт его вида, ну, я очевидно вдохновился Снайпером от Team Fortress 2, а также Авелиной де Гранпре (из-за причёски дредлоками) от Assassin's Creed 3 - Liberation.  Так как морские осы могут удлиняют щупальце до 3 метров когда охотятся, Ракун может удлинять руки и ноги когда бьётся. Его арсенал состоит из мачете, хлыста и духовой трубки.
Ну? Что думаете? Если вам нравится, комментируйте пожалуйста =)


Here you are my last creation, Racun the Sea Wasp, the most dangerous mercenary and assassin in Downunda. As you can see, I chose the most toxic and deadly animal in the world, common in the seas north of Australia (this explains why he has an Australian accent) and in the waters of Indonesia (“racun” means «poison» in Indonesian), Malaysia and Philippines, because I thought it was perfect for a forbidding killer, such as Deathstroke, Deadshot or Deadpool.
Moreover, about his look, well, you'll have understood that I was inspired by the Sniper from Team Fortress 2, and also Aveline de Grandprè (due to his dreadlocks) from Assassin's Creed III - Liberation. Given that sea wasps can lengthen their tentacles until 3 meters when they hunt, Racun can lengthen both legs and arms when he fights. His arsenal consists of a machete, a whip and a blowgun.
Well? Whaddya think? If you like him, write a comment please =)


Ecco a voi la mia ultima creazione, Racun la Vespa di Mare, il più pericoloso mercenario e assassino di Downunda. Come potete vedere, ho scelto l'animale più tossico e letale del mondo, diffuso nei mari a nord dell'Australia (ecco spiegato il suo accento australiano) e nelle acque di Indonesia (“racun” significa «veleno» in indonesiano), Malesia e Filippine, perché ho pensato fosse perfetto per un killer temibile al pari di Deathstroke, Deadshot e Deadpool, per intenderci.
Inoltre, riguardo al suo aspetto, beh, è evidente che mi sono ispirato al Cecchino di Team Fortress 2, e anche a Aveline de Grandprè (per via dei dreadlocks) di Assassin's Creed III - Liberation. Dato che le vespe di mare possono allungare i tentacoli fino a 3 metri quando cacciano, Racun può allungare braccia e mani quando combatte. Il suo arsenale comprende un machete, una frusta e una cerbottana.
Ebbene? Che dite? Se vi piace, scrivete un commento =)


Voilà ma dernière création, Racun la Guêpe de Mer, le plus dangereux
mercenaire et tueur à gages de la Downunda. Comme vous pouvez voir, j'ai choisi le plus toxique et létal des animaux de le monde, répandu dans les mers au nord de l'Australie (voilà pourquoi il a un accent australien) e dans les eaux d'Indonésie (“racun” signifie «poison» in indonésien), Malaisie et les Philippines, parce que j'ai pensé qu'il était parfait pour un tueur intimidant comme Deathsroke, Deadshot ou Deadpool, pour être clair.
De plus, à propos de sa apparence, eh bien, je crois que c'est clair que j'ai été inspiré par le Sniper de Team Fortress 2, et aussi par Aveline de Grandprè (à cause de ses dreadlocks) de Assassin's Creed III - Liberation. Étant donné que les guêpes de mer peuvent allonger leurs tentacules jusqu'à 3 mètres quand ils chassent, Racun peut allonger ses bras et jambes quand il se bat. Son arsenal comprend une machette, un fouet et une sarbacane.
Et alors? Qu'en pensez-vous? Si ça vous plaît, faites des commentaires =)


Aquí está mi
última creación, Racun la Avispa de Mar, el mercenario y asesino a sueldo más peligroso de Downunda. Como podéis ver, he elegido el animal más tóxico y letal del mundo, común en los mares al norte de Australia (por eso tiene un acento australiano) y en aquéllos de Indonesia (“racun” significa «veneno» en indonesio), Malasia y las Filipinas, porque he pensado que era perfecto por un asesino temible como Deathstroke, Deadshot o Deadpool, para entendernos.
demás, acerca de su aspecto, bueno, creo que es claro que me ha inspirado el Francotirador de Team Fortress 2, y también Aveline de Drandprè (por causa de sus dreadlocks) de Assassin's Creed 3 - Liberation. Dado que las avispas de mar pueden alargar sus tentáculos hasta 3 metros cuando cazan, Racun puede alargar sus brazos y piernas cuando lucha contra alguien. Su arsenal consiste en un machete, un látigo y una cerbatana.
Y bien, ¿qué os parece? Si os gusta, escribid un comentario =)

Pst: I thank :iconlizardman22: for the linguistic help :thanks:
Base:  .:Sonic X Bases:.  © Sky-Yoshi
Mario Neige confronts Goombynus by Lynus-the-Porcupine
Mario Neige confronts Goombynus
Now that she had obtained Mario's powers, Neige could face her enemies. When she stepped out of the cave, she immediately headed for Autumn Forest. After few steps she bumped into one of Bowser's minions. Though, this one was different: yes, it was definitely a Goomba, still there was something weird about it. Neige looked closely at the little creature, and she ascertained that it had Lynus's  features: quills like his ones, eyes and even trainers!
"Poor Lynus, what that monster did to you?" Neige sadly wondered. So this was what Bura'y had done to her friends: he stole their powers and skills to distribute them to Bowser's lackeys. Oh no, it couldn't be that way, she had to help her friends! Therefore, she tried to attack the "Lynusised" Goomba by using a simple stomp, but the little creature was as fast as Lynus, and it lashed out at the cat really quickly. Neige doubted that even Mario and Luigi had ever faced such demanding challenges. She knew well that some Goombas can be a little bit more annoying than usual ones, but this one was really a pain in the neck. The cat tried to don't think about other possible "Goombynuses" and thought about something to stop the little being. It was little, damn fast and it could use some of Lynus's attacks, such as Homing Attack and Spin Dash. What could she do? Suddenly, she had an idea: if Mario powers didn't work, she could use her powers. So she made a dash at the Goomba using her Glacial Dash and she succeeded in freezing the little creature.
She glanced at it, after which she went towards Bowser's castle, proceeding in the forest.


My entry for R-no71's contest. I know that I wrote an entire book, but when I start to think about a story, nothing stops me :iconsweatplz:
Inspiration taken from:…

Neige the Cat
Lynus the Porcupine
Mario + Goomba
Tell me, folks, do you like llamas trading?
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One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria

I'm using it for a while and I find it quite useful: I finally know what people received a Llama by me and what people didn't =) You just need to follow the procedure and you'll get your Llama buttons too ;) What are you waiting for, rabbids? C'mon, install it!
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So, my dear fellas...

To begin with, I don't like the new deviantART look :X It seems a DBZ fusion between Facebook and Tumbrl to me, and I'm convinced it was much better before (and I don't give a f—k that in some year any future social network will be like that, I want the ol' dA back!)
Apart from this, well, everything is going pretty good, I'm following last classes and in some months I'll be graduated too =)
My cosplay for Lucca is almost ready, I just need the last 4 things (cardigan, gloves, balaclava and cap) and I'll finally have to create ears with cardboard =) When I'll go there with my dar friend :iconbretyl:, I'm going to meet great artists like :iconwabii:, :icondexter01992: and someone else in person :aww: - but I'll have to be careful not to come across some people I detest with all my heart ¬_¬ Moreover, given that today the new graphic novel of a Roman drawer, who I like, is released, I intend to meet him at Lucca for an autograph :iconpuppywantplz: That would be terrific! (for the record, this is him: :iconzerocalcare: He drew 5 graphic novel, if we count the last one as well, Forget my name)
About my little part-time work, well, I'm sending my CV... I just hope they'll employ me, although I have some doubts as I don't have driving license (that's really important for any job, mainly here in Italy) :hmm:
Aaand, lastly, I wish :iconstevethecheetah: and :iconbloomth: happy birthday! =) You rock, guys! Keep on this way! :iconmnrthumbsupplz:
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Shikei the Japanese Giant Hornet by Lynus-the-Porcupine
Shikei the Japanese Giant Hornet
Дорогие друзья и подриги мои, это — одно из моих последних созданий, Японский Огромный Шершень Шикэй.
Да, да, я знаю, я полагаю, вы подумаете "О боже, Лайнус, а почему же самое опасное насекомое в мире? :O_o: " Ну, потому что меня пугает, очень много :hmm: Итак, ну да, это что-то вроде вещи чтобы избегать, что я встречу его, не знаю как хорошо объяснить :shrug: В любом случае, излишне говорить, что я почерпнул вдохновение из древних самураев и ниндзя, а также вымышленных персонажей, как Гоэмон Исикава XIII, Джо Мусаси, Наруто и, очевидно, Хамелеон Эспио (на самом деле, Шикэй тоже использует кунаи, сюрикэны и техники искусства ниндзя, кроме его катаны, лука и яри).
Я надеюсь, что вам нравится и если вы хотите нарисовать его, лишь бы только вы предостерегаете и упоминаете меня =)


My dear friends, I would like to introduce you to one of my last creatures, Shikei the Japanese Giant Hornet.
Yes, yes, I know, you'll probably think "Jeez, Lynus, for what reason you chose the most dangerous insect in the world? :O_o: " Well, because it scares me, a lot :hmm: Therefore, so yeah, I thought to create it to avoid an encounter with it or something like that, I don't know how to explain :shrug: Anyway, needless to say, I drew inspiration from ancient samurai and ninjas, as well as fictional characters like Goemon Ishikawa XIII, Joe Musashi, Naruto and, obviously, Espio the Chameleon (indeed, Shikei can also use kunai, shuriken and ninja techniques, in addition to his katana, bow and yari).
I hope you'll like him and if you want to draw him, you have only to tell and mention me =)


Miei cari amici, voglio presentarvi una delle mie ultime creature, Shikei il Calabrone Gigante Giapponese.
Sì, sì, lo so, probabilmente starete pensando "Cristo, Lynus, e perché proprio l'insetto più pericoloso del mondo? :O_o: " Beh, perché mi spaventa da morire :hmm: Perciò, insomma, l'ho fatto tipo per scaramanzia, non so bene come spiegarvelo :shrug: Comunque, inutile dire che ho tratto ispirazione dagli antichi samurai e ninja, nonché personaggi fittizi come Goemon Ishikawa XIII, Joe Musashi, Naruto e, ovviamente, Espio il Camaleonte (infatti, Shikei usa anche kunai, shuriken e tecniche ninja, oltre a katana, arco e yari).
Spero vi piaccia e se volete disegnarlo basta che me lo diciate e mi citiate nelle descrizioni =)


Mes amis, je veux vous présenter une de mes dernières créatures, Shikei le Frelon Géant Japonais.
Oui, oui, je le sais, maintenant vous penserez "Ciel, Lynus, mais pourquoi as-tu choisi le plus dangereux des insectes? :O_o: " Eh bien, parce que il m'épouvante, à mourir :hmm: Donc, eh bien, je l'ai fait pour éviter de tomber sur lui ou quelque chose comme ça, je ne sais pas exactement comme vous expliquer :shrug: De toute façon, inutile de dire que je me suis inspiré des antiques samouraïs et ninjas, ainsi que personnages de fiction, comme Goemon Yokitori, Joe Musashi, Naruto et, évidemment, Espio le Caméléon (en effet Shikei use kunaïs, shuriken et arts ninja aussi, en plus de son katana, arc et yari).
J'espère qu'il vous plaît et si vous voulez le dessiner, il suffit de me rapporter et
mentionner =)


Mi amigos, quiero os presentar a una de mis últimas criaturas, Shikei el Avispón Gigante Japonés.
Sí, sí, lo sé, a lo mejor estaréis pensando "¡Santo Dios, Lynus! ¿Por qué razón has elegido el insecto más peligroso del mundo? :O_o: " Bueno, porque me asusta enormemente :hmm: Luego, bueno, sí, lo hice como "conjuro", porque no quiero tropezarlo por nada del mundo, no sé como explicarme :shrug: De todas formas, ni qué decir tiene que me inspiré en los antiguos samuráis y ninjas, además de personajes de ficción, como Goemon Ishikawa XIII, Joe Musashi, Naruto y, obviamente, Espio el Camaleón (en efecto, Shikei usa kunais, shuriken y técnicas ninja también, junto a su katana, arco y yari).
Espero que os gusta y si queréis dibujarlo, con tal de que me informáis y citáis en la descripción =)

Shikei the Japanese Giant Hornet © me
Base taken from: (made by :iconsky-yoshi:)
Tell me, folks, do you like llamas trading?
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One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria

I'm using it for a while and I find it quite useful: I finally know what people received a Llama by me and what people didn't =) You just need to follow the procedure and you'll get your Llama buttons too ;) What are you waiting for, rabbids? C'mon, install it!
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  • Reading: Armadillo's Prophecy | Every damned monday in 2
  • Watching: Night at the Museum
  • Playing: Batman Arkham Origins | Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Everything
  • Drinking: Water, oranje juice, cocktails


I support dA. by Fellmekke

Yes, I'm a guy, and even Italian... So what? U_O

Hello, welcome in my page! If you wanna be acquain

ITA: Mi chiamo Lynus l'Istrice (nome vero: Lino), ho 23 anni e vivo in Italia, nato a Salerno ma residente a Firenze per via dell'università. Sono un otaku, mi piacciono Sonic il Riccio, Sonic X, Detroit Metal City, Batman, Spiderman e diversi eroi dei videogiochi, dei fumetti, di manga e anime, di cartoni ecc. ... Riguardo ai miei giochi preferiti, eccovi un elenco: Sonic (dal primo all'ultimo), Super Mario Bros., Crash Bandicoot (per lo più i primi 4), Spyro il Drago, God of War, Assassin's Creed, Dante's Inferno, Bayonetta, Kingdom Hearts, Angry Birds, Soul Calibur, Alice (quella di American McGee), InFamous, Prototype, Epic Mickey e una marea di altri giochi... Sono un tipo solitario e introverso, con una spiccata passione per le fotografie e i disegni di personaggi che hanno a che fare con Sonic, soprattutto il mio piccolo Lynus (pr. lainus).

ENG: My name is Lynus the Porcupine (real name: Lino), I'm 23 years old and I live in Italy, born in the town of Salerno, but I currently live in Florence because of university. I'm an otaku, I like Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic X, Detroit Metal City, Batman, Spiderman and several characters from videogames, comics, mangas, anime, toons etc. ... About my favorite games here you are a list: Sonic the Hedgehog (from the first one to the last one), Super Mario Bros., Crash Bandicoot (mainly the first 4 games), Spyro the Dragon, God of War, Assassin's Creed, Dante's Inferno, Bayonetta, Kingdom Hearts, Angry Birds, Soul Calibur, Alice (American McGee's creation, I mean), InFamous, Prototype, Epic Mickey and a pile of other famous games... I'm a solitary and introvert guy, with a strong passion for photographies and drawings about characters concerning Sonic, above all my little Lynus (pr. lainus).

РУС: Меня зовут Дикобраз Лайнус (настоящее имя: Лино), мне 23 года, я живу в Италии, рождённый в городе Салерно, но сейчас я живу во Флоренции благодаря университету. Я отаку, я люблю Ежа Соника, Соник Икс, Detroit Metal City, Бэтмена, Человека-паука и многих персонажей от видеоигр, комиксов, манги, аниме, мультфильмов и.т.д. ... О моих любимых компьютерных играх, вот список: Соник (от первого до последнего), Супербратья Марио, Крэш Бандикут (по большей части первые 4 игры), Дракон Спайро, Бог войны, Кредо Убийцы, Ад Данте, Бэёнэтта, Королевство сердец, Злые птицы, Soulcalibur, Алиса (создание Америкэна Макги), Дурная репутация, Прототип, Эпик Микки и гора других игр... Я одинокий и интровертивный тип, а у меня заметная любовь для фотографий и рисунков персонажей касавшиесь Соника, в особенности мой маленький Лайнус (анг. Lynus).

FRA: Je m’appelle Lynus le Porc-épic (vrai nom: Lino), j’ai 23 ans et vis en Italie, né à Salerno mais résidant à Florence à cause de l’université. Je suis un otaku, j’adore Sonic le Hérisson, Sonic X, Detroit Metal City, Batman, Spider-Man et plusieurs personnages des jeux vidéo, bandes dessinées, mangas, animes, dessins animés etc. ... En ce qui concerne les mes jeux préférés, voilà une liste: Sonic (du premier au dernier), Super Mario Bros., Crash Bandicoot (principalement les premiers 4), Spyro le Dragon, God of War, Assassin's Creed, Dante's Inferno, Bayonetta, Kingdom Hearts, Angry Birds, Soul Calibur, Alice (le jeu vidéo de American McGee), InFamous, Prototype, Epic Mickey et un tas d'autres jeux... Je suis un type solitaire et introverti, avec une forte passion pour les photographies et les dessins de personnages qui concernent Sonic, surtout mon petit Lynus (pr. lainus).

SPA: Mi nombre es Lynus el Puercoespín (real nombre: Lino), tengo 23 años y vivo en Italia, nacido a Salerno pero resido a Florencia por causa de la universidad. Soy un otaku, me gusta Sonic el Erizo, Sonic X, Detroit Metal City, Batman, Spiderman y varios personajes de los videojuegos, historietas, mangas, animes, dibujos animados etc. ... Por lo que hace a mi juegos preferidos, he aquí a vosotros una lista: Sonic (de primero a último), Super Mario Bros., Crash Bandicoot (principalmente los primeros 4 juegos), Spyro el Dragón, God of War, Assassin's Creed, Dante's Inferno, Bayonetta, Kingdom Hearts, Pájaros Furiosos, Soul Calibur, Alice (la creación de American McGee), InFamous, Prototype, Epic Mickey y un montón de otros videojuegos... Soy un tipo solitario y introvertido, con una extraordinaria pasión por las fotografías y los dibujos de personajes que tienen que ver con Sonic, sobre todo mi pequeño Lynus (pr. lainus).

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LIST ON UPDATING (I find some new great artist very often =P)
And keep this in mind:

I Love My Friends - Stamp by Bubbleslou

What I use for my drawings, photos etc.:

Paint.NET Icon and Logo by skizatch


(I usually find almost everything thanks to it)


(one of the reasons for which I'm here XD)

| My fan page:…

: LynusPorcupine

: Sorry, guys, but you must send me a :note: for this U_O

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